Make your business better with free secure remote desktop access

Yeah, it's real. Free for commercial use,
no limitations!

SO Viewer supports all Windows versions

Remote Connectivity Software

SO Viewerhigh security solution for remote desktop control and access. 
The SO Viewer remote connectivity p2p solution enables secure remote access to devices, from anywhere, anytime.
SO Viewer connects computers, servers — with fast, high performance p2p, global access connections.

Free for commercial use!


product description
  • Peer-to-peer based application
  • Remote desktop full control
  • Unattended and attended access modes
  • File transfer, based on comfortable and secure p2p 
  • Clipboard sharing
  • TLS 1.2 and AES-256 end-to-end encryption
  • Immersive, full screen experience ever
  • Full keyboard and hotkeys capturing
  • Free for corporate customers! 

​SO Viewer for corporate work

Our software is an ultimate white-label SaaS product for your company's efficiency at a low price

• Secure remote PC control
• Direct file sharing
• Easy screen sharing and controlling
• Team PC monitoring in real-time

• Anything you wish!


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