“SO Viewer” was developed in intention as a good alternative to well-known apps.

One of the main reasons was the big hack of users of very widely used app:

For us it was a trigger to create something with well secured software architecture as a base or keystone in it.

This is why from the very beginning before we add something new inside of “SO Viewer” we always ask ourselves:

– “What if a hacker will break into our system, could this implementation of new feature been exploited by a hacker and what damage it could done? And how can we avoid this?”

Therefore “SO Viewer” encrypts everything it creates and uses on user’s machine. But this is not all, “SO Viewer” also encrypts, obfuscates and virtualizes itself, the whole executable binary.

Hence it makes very difficult for a hacker to research “SO Viewer” for exploits and create them, but we are not relying on “security through obscurity” approach.

Of course, we endeavor to keep a good quality of “SO Viewer” features, but security-driven approach is paramount.

Also, we are trying to make good feeling and experience of using remote control features including smooth video feed.


We are using security-driven development approach for “SO Viewer”.

“SO Viewer” is for everyone who works from a distance. Remote access enables freelancers, teachers, students, support to work more efficiently, breaking down barriers and driving growth.

Working with SO Viewer